Faulty Fuel System Lawsuit Attorneys

In 1993, a misplaced fuel tank in a Chevy Malibu exploded when the car was rear-ended by a drunk driver. Two adults and four children suffered serious burns in the ensuing car fire.

Personal injury attorney Christine Spagnoli was an integral member of the trial team that filed suit against GM in 1994. Five years later, she and the team won a $4.9 billion verdict on behalf of her clients. The result was the largest personal injury verdict in the U.S. in 1999, and one of the largest plaintiff’s verdicts in American judicial history.

Two pieces of evidence were crucial to winning this historic car fire case.

1. The first was an internal GM memo that showed GM knew its design was unsafe, but decided not to fix the problem because a safer alternative would cost $6 more per car.

2. The second piece of evidence involved the results of a crash test presented by GM lawyers in order to prove that the fuel tank was safe. Instead, the tank leaked and the unsafe design was exposed at trial.

It took years of tireless work, against an army of opposing attorneys, in order to get justice for our clients. Ultimately, the gas tank defect lawyers in this case proved that GM had put profits over people, injuring passengers and putting thousands of others at risk of injury or death from car fires.

Put Our Knowledge and Strength to Work for You

Fuel system defects are devastating. One gallon of gasoline packs the same explosive potential as six sticks of dynamite.

Our lawyers have prevailed for many clients who have been injured or lost a loved one because a faulty fuel system caused an explosion or fuel-fed fire after a collision.

  • We have represented clients in cases where fuel tanks were placed in the crush zone or outside of the protective frame of the car, making them vulnerable to explosion.
  • We have handled cases involving faulty filler necks and defective anti-siphoning devices that allowed fuel to leak after a collision, causing a fuel-fed fire.

If you were harmed or a family member died in a car fire because of a defective fuel system, let us put our knowledge, experience and strength to work for you. Contact a faulty fuel system lawsuit attorney at Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP. We represent clients in Los Angeles, throughout Southern California, the state and the nation.

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