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The business litigation team at Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, brings a plaintiff-centered mindset to pursuing corporate misdeeds. We have the know-how, diligence, and commercial sophistication business persons need to help mitigate the harms from, and recover damages for, frauds, thefts of trade secrets, breaches of non-disclosure agreements, and similar business-related disputes. We invite those harmed in their business to email us today or call us at (310) 576-1200 for a free consultation.

Our Results in Business Litigation Cases

At Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, we appreciate the commercial sensitivity of litigation involving business-related wrongdoing. Many disputes reach resolution through private arbitration or confidential settlement, keeping their details from the public eye. Here, however, are details of a few cases we can share:

  • An $11.3 million award in relation to a fraudulent stock purchase and loan, resulting in loss of stock
  • A $10.4 million award in a breach of contract and fraud case
  • A $2.2 million award for accounting malpractice

Our business litigation practice, in part due to its proximity to the entertainment industry, also routinely represents prominent people, entertainment industry executives, and creative workers in business-related disputes and other civil litigation matters. These include:

  • A $55 million verdict on behalf of FOX Sports reporter and on-air personality Erin Andrews against the Nashville Marriott hotel for egregious misconduct
  • Representing an animator and director in claims for compensation due for his role in creating a pitch presentation for the Fox Television show Family Guy
  • Representing actress Zsa Zsa Gabor in her claims of mistreatment by the Beverly Hills Police Department
  • Representing a plaintiff in claims that the reality television series The Apprentice improperly used the plaintiff’s ideas and concept
  • Representing a plaintiff against Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne regarding the idea and concept for the television series The Osbournes.

The Commercial Litigation Matters We Handle

Our business litigation services encompass holding those accountable for the full range of fraudulent, wrongful, and negligent business practices including:

  • Accounting malpractice. When an accounting firm fails to follow nationally established accounting rules in auditing a firm or preparing its financial records, the accountant’s breach of its duty of care may cause lasting financial harm, including tax penalties, mis-valuation of assets, and breaches of contract.
  • Commercial disparagement (also known as trade libel). California law prohibits a person from knowingly making materially false allegations about a business that causes financial harm. Malicious falsehoods about businesses can cause devastating impacts, and often require an experienced and diligent business torts litigator to prove the case.
  • Contract disputes. Enforceable contracts represent a cornerstone of most businesses. A party who breaches its obligations can throw an entire business plan awry. We have represented parties in matters involving a wide variety of typical commercial contracts, including purchase and sale agreements, employment agreements, non-competition and non-disclosure agreements, and disputes concerning corporate formation documents, such as partnership and LLC agreements.
  • Fraud. Fraud commonly refers to any misrepresentation of fact made with the intent to induce reliance. In the business context, fraud often surrounds the falsification of financial records and other data.
  • Insurance bad faith. When an insurance company fails to honor its promises to its insureds by taking an unjustified or malicious position against paying a claim, those actions may result in a separate claim for breach of the underlying insurance contract.
  • Intellectual property disputes and theft of trade secrets. Enterprises protect their intellectual property through registration of copyrights, trademarks, and patents, and by exercising tight control over trade secrets. When bad actors infringe on intellectual property and obtain or disclose trade secrets, they can pose an existential threat to the enterprise and necessitate an aggressive legal response. Likewise, when someone misappropriates a creative work from a person, the creator may require a sophisticated legal response to get his or her due.

This does not represent the full range of business-related disputes Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, handles on behalf of its clients, of course, but rather a sample of those disputes in which our experience and know-how as plaintiffs’ attorneys add significant value for clients. We invite you to contact us to discuss how we may help in your or your client’s commercial dispute.

When You Need a Plaintiffs’ Attorney for a Business Dispute

Simply put, your business needs the right plaintiffs’ attorney when someone else’s wrongful conduct has caused the business harm. Law firms specializing in corporate transactional representations tend to take a defensive posture in representing their business clients. These attorneys focus on minimizing the risks to an enterprise and its assets, and rightly so.

Unfortunately, when a deal or a business relationship goes bad, the natural, defensive inclinations of corporate attorneys, including the litigators in their firms, do not always serve their clients’ best interests. In contrast to the careful, methodical process of entering into a business transaction, the unraveling of that same transaction can result in chaos.

Enterprises and people in these broken deal/relationship situations can often benefit from nimble, appropriately aggressive legal representation from lawyers who understand how to move quickly to protect commercially sensitive information and interests. They need trial attorneys who, when necessary, can appear in court on a moment’s notice. They need, in other words, the kind of sophisticated, representation for which Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, has no peer in the Southern California legal community.

Do Business Litigation Matters Always Go to Trial?

No. In our experience, most business litigation matters reach resolution through negotiated settlements. That said, as any business leader knows, you need leverage going into high-stakes negotiations when your commercial survival is on the line.

There is no greater leverage in a business dispute than to have commercially sophisticated legal counsel sitting at the negotiating table who can also credibly take a dispute to trial and arbitration—and win. That’s particularly true when the other side chooses to go with litigators who have limited courtroom experience. Our track record of achieving large damage awards against big corporate defendants—including in personal injury matters—sends a clear and unmistakable signal: A plaintiff with Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, on its side is prepared for trial.

Should a Lawyer Handle Internal Corporate or Partnership Business Disputes?

We cannot offer legal advice here. But, in our experience, the sooner an enterprise or individual gets legal counsel involved in an internal dispute, the higher the chance of avoiding grievous harm.

What Damages Can Business Litigation Plaintiffs Recover?

The types and amount of compensation available to a plaintiff in business litigation, if any, can vary according to the facts of the individual situation. The most common types of damages awarded in a business case are:

  • Compensatory damages. The defendant pays the plaintiff money that covers any actual, provable loss. Ideally, that should leave the plaintiff in a similar financial position as if the loss had never occurred. Damages awarded could include what the plaintiff lost from income and profits.
  • Reliance damages. When the loss is more difficult to define financially, reliance damages cover situations where the defendant failed to act on an obligation, or when the plaintiffs detrimentally relied on misrepresentations by the defendant.
  • Restitution damages. These are sometimes awarded in breach of contract cases when a promised benefit is not delivered. The plaintiff receives compensation for the value of what the defendant received while waiting for the defendant to honor contracted promises.
  • Liquidated damages. Contracts sometimes spell out what costs each party should pay if one or the other failed to honor the agreement. If liquidated damages do not indicate actual damages, the court may instead award a different and more accurate type of financial compensation.
  • Punitive damages. Occasionally a plaintiff will recover punitive damages when a defendant has engaged in deliberate activity against the plaintiff to cause harm.

Call Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, for Your Los Angeles Business Litigation Needs

Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, has earned widespread acclaim for representing plaintiffs in Los Angeles. Our knowledge, experience, and skill serve not just clients personally injured in accidents, but also enterprises and people harmed in business-related disputes. Our attorneys offer clients the rare combination of commercial sophistication and courtroom smarts that can prove essential in business litigation.

If you have fallen victim to wrongdoing with regard to a business matter, or if you were damaged in a business relationship, do not entrust your legal representation to defensive-minded corporate litigators. Turn to the nimble, dynamic, aggressive trial lawyers at Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, to protect and enforce your commercial rights and interests.

To discuss the business dispute you need help resolving, contact Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, today online or by phone at (310) 576-1200 to schedule a free consultation.

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