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  • Their efforts have changed my life for the better.
    My experience with the entire Greene, Broillet, and Wheeler team has been exceptional. From our very first meeting, they put me totally at ease. About six attorneys listened to me with consideration and compassion. I was struck by how bright, approachable and kind they all were. After that meeting I knew that, if I were lucky enough to have them take my case, they would give me the very best possible chance of a successful outcome. I knew I would feel totally comfortable going forward with them and relieved to have them by my side.

    During 2+ years of preparing for and going through trial, Bruce Broillet and Scott Carr exceeded my expectations. They were impeccably prepared, dedicated to my case, and compassionate. Anytime I had a question or idea, or needed help with anything, they immediately made time for me. I always felt listened to and an integral part of the team. I could tell that they cared about me and my family as people, not just as a "case". All of the experts and consultants that they brought in, (as well as their support staff and additional attorneys from the group that assisted with our case including Aaron Osten and Alan van Gelder) were just as wonderful - the best and brightest AND genuinely caring.

    Although going through this kind of experience can be stressful at times, my family and I always enjoyed the time we spent with our team. Even during the month we were in trial, they made our time with them each day a pleasure, and lessened the stress of being in court. By the conclusion of my case I felt that, even if we didn't win, I would be grateful to have gone through the experience because of how much I had appreciated my time with them and how thankful I was for the opportunity to get to know such wonderful people.

    Thanks to my team’s excellence and hard work, we did win. Their efforts have changed my life for the better. Two years later I am honored to call them friends and to still be in touch. I highly recommend everyone at Greene, Broillet and Wheeler.

    - Leslie M.

  • I highly recommend this firm.
    Greene Broillet & Wheeler LLP represented me following the tragic death of my father. I rarely write reviews, but I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to this firm, and in particular Scott Carr and Alan Van Gelder. Beyond the quality of their legal work, which was excellent, they displayed a level of compassion that is hard to find in the legal profession. At every turn, they were responsive, ethical and helped me navigate what was an emotionally difficult process. I highly recommend this firm.

    - Demian W.

  • Their personal commitment and professional performance changed my life.
    I feel extremely fortunate that Greene Broillet and Wheeler was at my side during my legal battle. I describe Mark Quigley, Ivan Puchalt, and Christian Nickerson as the "Dream Team", and for good reason. They listened to my concerns, they accepted my help (when appropriate), they advocated with strength and clarity, and they managed my expectations with compassion and calm, even during times of great stress. During trial, it was obvious that my entire team resonated positively with the Court and with the jury, because they knew what they were talking about, they didn't over reach, and they were professional every step of the way. I am so lucky that Greene Broillet Wheeler took my case. Their personal commitment and professional performance changed my life.

    - Robert P.

  • Exceptional, trustworthy & very knowledgeable attorneys.

    Mr. Mark Quigley, and his associates, Mr. Ivan Puchalt and Mr. Aaron Osten, are exceptional attorneys, trustworthy and very knowledgeable, and truly devoted to seek justice for their clients. They will litigate your case with diligence and professionalism, without compromising their high ethical standards, a quality that I really appreciated and admired in them. Apart from being brilliant lawyers, Mark, Ivan and Aaron are also very personable, always courteous and discreet, confident but never arrogant. I have ultimate trust in them and their expertise, and I would highly recommend them, without hesitation, to anyone seeking justice in employment-related matters.

    Dear Mark, Ivan and Aaron, it was a pleasure to get to know you. Thank you so much for all your advice and support, the dedication and efforts that you put into our cases and for really caring. You made a difference in our lives and we will always be grateful. You are the best!

    - Stella T.

  • I am grateful to Mark and Ivan for standing by my side on my quest for justice.
    The first time my disability insurance company wrongfully denied my benefits, I was referred to Mark Quigley. My benefits were reinstated on an appeal, but I kept Mark's business card in my wallet for eight years. When my benefits were wrongfully terminated again, I retained Mark Quigley to represent me in my lawsuit against the insurance company. Mark, along with Ivan Puchalt, were knowledgeable, dependable, and stood by my side throughout the entire three year legal process. They were dedicated to my case and willing to go to trial if necessary. Their experience, confidence, and expertise helped me through one of the most stressful times in my life. During the trial, Mark and Ivan were able to communicate the facts clearly and truthfully to the jury. After a three-week trial, the jury came back with a verdict that awarded me both compensatory and punitive damages. I am grateful to Mark and Ivan for standing by my side on my quest for justice.

    - Laura K.

  • Greene Broillet & Wheeler Law firm has helped my family immensely.
    Greene Broillet & Wheeler law firm has helped my family immensely. They treated me like family and always kept in touch with my case. If I could give them more than 5 stars I would. Thank you, Ivan Puchalt, and Chris Spagnoli for all the help.

    - Tiffany S.

  • Top tier law firm that has some of the best attorneys in the state.
    A while back I sustained some serious injuries. I needed a good attorney and after much research, I chose Greene Broillet & Wheeler to represent me.

    This is a top tier law firm that has some of the best attorneys in the state. They have the resources to maximize compensation for their clients.

    I worked with attorneys: Scott Carr, Bruce Broillet, and Alan Van Gelder. My attorneys and paralegal did a PERFECT job across the board. They made the process easy for me, and took care of everything I needed.

    My case was complex, but we were still victorious in the end. Their services, and results far exceeded my expectations! I highly recommend them.

    - Keanu T.

  • They were able to handle my case quickly & skillfully.
    I went to Greene, Broillet & Wheeler with a Wrongful Termination case in 2010. They were able to handle my case quickly, skillfully and without a great deal of inconvenience on my part. They negotiated a very fair and generous settlement in my favor. I would recommend Greene, Broillet & Wheeler most highly for their skill, professionalism, and their willingness to listen to and work with me in a caring, personal way.

    - Deborah M.

  • Thanks to this amazing law firm, I was able to successfully bring justice and get the help I needed.
    Thanks to this amazing law firm, I was able to successfully bring justice and get the help I needed. To anyone seeking legal help, I recommend you come here as they are very helpful, friendly, honest and most importantly, very successful at what they do. They really care a lot about their clients, they’re 100 percent fully involved in your case and will do the most to make sure you get the help you need. Thanks for everything!

    - Santiago G.P.

  • Thorough, prompt, and professional.
    Early in 2019, I was involved in a car accident involving multiple car sharing vehicles. Car collisions are a convoluted situation to begin with, but involving car sharing apps make it even more frustrating. Molly McKibben represented my case, and she made the process a breeze. Her communication was thorough, prompt, and professional.

    Molly would regularly check-in on my well-being as I worked through physical therapy. She was able to resolve my case in a manner that left all parties satisfied. If you're looking for personal injury representation that treats you with dignity and not as another case in a backlog look no further than Molly McKibben at Green Broillet & Wheeler, LLP.

    - Johnathon P.

  • Christine Spagnoli was everything and more that you hope to find in an attorney.

    Christine Spagnoli was everything and more that you hope to find in an attorney. Her confidence and fervor in the courtroom were only matched by the tenderness and compassion that she had for us as clients.

    Though it can seem like PI attorneys are a “dime-a-dozen” in today's day of law, it’s firms like this one which define the field of personal injury by ensuring that at the center of every case is the best interest of the client.

    - Connor S.

  • You will not be disappointed!
    Green Broillet & Wheeler, LLP is such an AMAZING firm. From the lawyers, to the staff helping out behind the scenes. So happy with how things went. I definitely recommend them to anyone who needs their services. You will not be disappointed. They care for their clients, even check in after the case closes. I consider them lifelong friends, thank you once again to everyone in the firm. Words cannot explain how grateful I am for every single one of you. May you continue to help countless individuals and families now and in the future. God bless you all.

    - Santiago C.