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At Greene Broillet & Wheeler, We Invest in Our Clients

Every trial is ultimately about finding and proving the truth. If you or someone you love has suffered a horrific injury, proving a case to a jury of your peers is often the only way to prove the truth. In order to get to the truth, your attorney will have to work closely with investigators and experts from a variety of fields. Proving a case can be an expensive, arduous process. Your attorney must have the resources necessary to gather and present the evidence in a compelling, accurate fashion.

At Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, our clients have complete access to our vast financial, intellectual and legal resources. Our lawyers have achieved a level of success that very few plaintiffs’ law firms of any size can match. As a result of our success, we are able to invest in our clients and their cases. Both accident victims and referring attorneys often turn to us because we have the resources to battle major corporations, insurance companies and governmental entities.

We have full time investigators on our staff. These members of our team are invaluable in uncovering and developing important evidence. As a case progresses toward trial, it becomes increasingly important to have credible experts on your side. We have worked with countless independent experts in a variety of fields in order to demonstrate why a particular party is liable, prove causation and substantiate the damages our clients are entitled to under the law.

In trial, we sometimes take the judge, jury and opposing counsel to our warehouse in order to conduct demonstrations and to put on display actual and demonstrative evidence that is too cumbersome to bring to the courthouse. Simply being in the same room as the evidence can help us prove our client’s cases better than any slideshow or picture.

Investing In Your Case And Your Future

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We advance all the costs of proving our clients cases and do not recoup these expenses unless we are successful. When we accept a case, we do so knowing that we may have to expend significant resources on behalf of our clients. This commitment is one more reason why countless clients are ultimately satisfied with our representation.

If you have been injured, or if you are an attorney who seeks our assistance in a case, call 310-576-1200 or contact us online.

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Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles California


We’ve obtained more million dollar verdicts and settlement than any other firm in California Even one as high as $3.3 billion. These speak for themselves & show our commitment.

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Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles California


We are credible, respected, and taken seriously by the opposition. We have been named by Best Lawyers “#1 Personal Injury Law Firm in California.”

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Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles California


We invest in our clients. This means full-time investigators on staff. Our own evidence warehouse to store and preserve evidence.

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