Seat Belt Defect Litigation

Seat belts save lives, but not always. Defective design or manufacturing can cause a seat belt to malfunction leading to injuries or fatalities during collisions and rollover accidents.

The auto defect attorneys of Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, represent clients who have been seriously injured due to defective seat belt systems. You can rely on our knowledge and skill to analyze your case. If a seat belt defect caused your injury, we have the resources and experience to obtain results through negotiation or, if necessary, courtroom litigation.

Types of Seat Belt Defects

  • Seat belts that release in accidents unexpectedly cause many injuries and fatalities. This can occur in rollover accidents, when an object or body part may come into contact with the seat belt latching mechanism.
  • Failure of the retracting device to lock the seat belt quickly enough to prevent injury is another potential problem with seat belts. Sometimes seat belts pull free of their mountings or the belt itself wears out from years of use.
  • Lap belt-induced injuries. The lap belt is intended to rest across the pelvic bones. But lap belts that do not also have shoulder restraints can cause spinal cord and abdominal injuries. This occurs when the belt flips off the pelvis or the occupant submarines under the belt.

Working with investigators and auto defect experts, our lawyers can determine whether a seat belt defect caused or contributed to your injuries. If so, we will work tirelessly to maximize results for you for damages caused by negligence.

Please contact our law firm to discuss your case. We represent clients in Los Angeles, throughout Southern California and California in seat belt defect claims.

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