Attorney Referrals

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Attorneys across California and the United States refer serious injury, wrongful death, insurance bad faith, legal malpractice and business litigation claims to Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP. Attorney referrals are a regular source of our cases. We are humbled when our colleagues place their trust in our law firm. We are pleased to negotiate favorable referral fees when allowed by law.

Our law firm has obtained more million dollar verdicts and settlements than any firm in California history. Up and down the line, our lawyers have achieved successful results in a broad spectrum of complex cases. We know that whenever insurance companies, corporations or the government face opposition who will readily take a case to trial, they are far more likely to make or accept settlement offers that are in a client’s best interest. As a result, our involvement in any case is likely to bolster your client’s credibility.

Investigating a catastrophic accident or other type of complex legal claim is an expensive endeavor. It can and often does take many years for a case to go to trial. As a result of our previous successes, GB&W has amassed the financial and investigative resources to give our cases every chance to reach a successful conclusion. We have full-time investigators on staff and our own evidence warehouse where we store, examine and test evidence. We routinely work with recognized experts in a number of different fields. As a result of our resources, we are able to prove liability and damages in a convincing fashion.

Lastly, our law firm devotes the majority of our efforts to representing people who have suffered substantial physical or financial harm. Consequently, we limit the number of cases we take at any given time. Our selective approach allows us to devote our full efforts to each and every case.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your case. Please call 310-576-1200 or contact us online.