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In Personal Injury Litigation, Experience Can Make All the Difference

In the days and weeks following a serious injury or the untimely loss of a loved one, you have probably looked at numerous attorney websites. In the course of your review, you have probably noticed that every personal injury lawyer is sure to tout his or her experience. Experience is obviously a very important factor when deciding on who should represent you in your injury claim.

Not all experience carries equal weight, however. Some lawyers may have substantial experience settling large numbers of relatively minor cases. Other lawyers, such as the lawyers of Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, are devoted to representing people who have suffered catastrophic injuries. There is a vast difference in minor injury and catastrophic injury claims. In cases involving catastrophic injuries, the eventual verdict or settlement must fully compensate the victim, to the full extent of the law, for the remainder of his or her expected life time. Investigating and litigating these cases brings on a whole host of issues that simply are not present in minor injury claims. The lawyer in a catastrophic injury must be able to prepare for and anticipate these various issues in order to best represent the client.

Unrivaled Success in Serious Injury and Death Claims

Our law firm has obtained more million dollar verdicts and settlements than any other law firm in California history. We have the experience and drive to succeed in all types of complex accident cases. Our experience offers a number of tangible benefits to our clients. For one, we fully grasp the enormity of our client’s situation at the earliest stages of a case. Our experienced personal injury lawyers know what we need to prove in order to make a case successful and we know what we need to do to prove liability, causation and damages. We work with our investigators and experts in different fields to go about proving these elements. Secondly, we understand the various strategies and tactics that the opposition will employ in an attempt to minimize their fault. Our lawyers know how to overcome these tactics and build a case that gives our client the best chance to achieve results.

When Experience Counts, Put Us In Your Corner

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We’ve obtained more million dollar verdicts and settlement than any other firm in California Even one as high as $3.3 billion. These speak for themselves & show our commitment.

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Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles California


We are credible, respected, and taken seriously by the opposition. We have been named by Best Lawyers “#1 Personal Injury Law Firm in California.”

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Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles California


We invest in our clients. This means full-time investigators on staff. Our own evidence warehouse to store and preserve evidence.

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