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Christmas day crash leaves five in critical condition

Everyone likes to think that on holidays and other special days, that nothing bad happens — that somehow everyone has a perfect day. But that isn’t the case, and for five people in the Los Angeles area, this past Christmas was an unfortunate reminder of that. An accident involving two vehicles left the five people […]

Has Pokemon Go led to an increase in accidents?

Pokemon Go has been out for nearly a year and a half at this point, and while the initial popularity has faded, there are still many people that enjoy the mobile game. If you don’t how the game functions, here is a quick primer: it is an augmented reality game, meaning that people use the […]

A new wearable could be the solution to truck driver fatigue

Driving a commercial truck is demanding and exhausting. Often, commercial drivers are expected to cover vast distances on very tight schedules. To accomplish this, many truckers must drive through the night or forego rest breaks to recover time lost in traffic. As we discussed in a recent post, truck driver fatigue was a contributing factor […]

$36M verdict for young pedestrian shows need for back-to-school safety

This month we’ve been covering pedestrian safety in light of a statewide campaign to reduce pedestrian deaths. California Pedestrian Safety Month coincides with back-to-school season, which makes it a perfect time to brush up on safe walking habits for kids. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, one fifth of children between the ages […]

Fatal Los Angeles Motorcycle Accidents Often Occur During Lane Splitting

 Lane splitting is one of the most misunderstood aspects of California traffic law. Lane splitting occurs when a motorcyclist rides alongside a car in a single lane of traffic. Many motorists are annoyed by lane splitting because they do not understand that this process is legal and often essential to operating a motorcycle safely. […]

Family Alleges CRMC is Covering Up a Doctor’s Malpractice

Last August, we blogged about a doctor at Fresno’s Community Regional Medical Center (CRMC) who had a fourth medical malpractice lawsuit filed against him. This doctor and CRMC were recently in the news again, as part of a 30 Action News/ABC30 News story centered on another of the doctor’s alleged victims. Our post from August […]

Anaheim Hotel Owner Sues Insurer for Bad Faith

An insurance bad faith claim against Sequoia Insurance Company is moving forward in the California court system. Sequoia was sued by an Anaheim hotel owner named Bann-Shiang Liza Yu, who alleged that Sequoia failed to properly defend her in a lawsuit brought by a franchise. Yu initially operated the hotel was a Candlewood Suites through […]

10 new California laws going into effect this year: part two

In a recent post, we discussed five of the new California laws going into effect in 2017. While part one focused on safety issues, the state is also beginning to enforce new laws relating to employment law, criminal proceedings school mascots and gun control. California’s lawmakers have taken on many hot-button issues in the past legislative […]

Have you been bullied on a plane?

By now, everyone in the world knows the story of Dr. David Dao, the physician who was forcibly dragged off United Airlines Flight 3411 at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport April 9. Video of Dr. Dao’s ejection has triggered worldwide outrage. United’s stock value has plummeted. Dao is “lawyering up” to demand damages. In the wake of […]

Our Own Geoff Wells on the Queen Latifah Show

Silent Soccer The screaming, yelling soccer mom (or dad) does nothing to improve the kids’ playing experience. On the Queen Latifah Show, a segment on “silent soccer” describes better behavior for parents on the sidelines rooting for their children. Queen Latifah describes silent soccer as no shouting, no screaming, and no negative comments. ‘Let the […]
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