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Business Litigation

We have represented businesses in virtually all industries resolve legal disputes involving breach of contract, intellectual property fraud and professional malpractice. Because we handle many business cases on contingency, your success is literally our success. Learn more about some of our successes on behalf of corporate clients.

Entertainment/Performing Arts

Individuals and businesses in the entertainment industry face many unique legal challenges. We have helped clients in this competitive field resolve legal matters including traditional business disputes, intellectual property violations, misappropriation and personal injury claims. We work tirelessly for our clients in music, film and television so they can continue their creative work.

Ownership Disputes

An ownership dispute can be distracting at best and threaten an entire organization at worst. We help executives, partners and shareholders resolve disagreements over the ownership of businesses, and have helped several clients in disputes over the ownership of winning lottery tickets and other assets.

Passion for Change

Our passion stems from the impact we make in our communities.  We understand that our clients not only seek compensation, but also want to ensure others don’t have to have their experience.  Our litigation impacts change by making crosswalks safer for children, roads safer for bicyclists, cars safer to drive on, machinery safer for workers, safer communities.

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