Mechanical Gate Accident Lawyers

Mechanical lift gates are installed at businesses and residences to keep people and property safe. Improper installation, maintenance and operation of these gate systems actually put people at risk of serious injuries and death.

Experienced Representation That Gets Results

The attorneys of Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, have obtained significant amounts of financial compensation for victims of mechanical lift gate accidents and their families. Our lawyers’ knowledge of these power door systems and the safety standards they must comply with (UL 325) allows us to prove when negligence caused a mechanical lift gate accident.

Mechanical lift gates are often installed in parking facilities, apartment complexes and office buildings to limit access to the facilities and to enhance the safety of authorized users. The power door systems typically include sensors that open and close the gates when vehicles approach. When a system is improperly installed, calibrated, programmed or maintained, the gate can malfunction, potentially crushing anything or anyone in the way. Safety code violations are common.

How Mechanical Gate Accidents Happen

Mechanical gate accidents can occur in a number of ways. This is a typical scenario: After parking a car in a parking garage equipped with a mechanical gate, a driver remembers that he left his cell phone in the car. He walks back to the gate, reaches through its metal bars and finds the button on the inside wall that opens the gate. He presses the button and the gate begins to open, amputating his arm in the process.

“If you are lucky, you might lose an arm or leg in a gate accident. If you are unlucky, you don’t survive.” — Attorney Ivan Puchalt

In addition to lift gates, we also represent clients injured by power roll gates, swing gates, cantilever gates, chop gates and overhead doors. Many of these power doors are in violation of industry standard UL 325, which details specific safety measures, including warning signs, placement of control panels and guarding of exposed pinch points and rollers.

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