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What Are 2 of the Most Common Car Accident Injuries?

Personal injury lawyers who regularly represent people hurt in car accidents see the same injuries again and again. The most common of these injuries are head injuries and back injuries. Let’s take a look at what these injuries entail.

Head injuries, which can result in traumatic brain injury (TBI), tend to be the most serious. When a motor vehicle is hit from behind or comes to a sudden stop in a collision, drivers and passengers can collide with the interiors of their cars. When the head strikes a window or steering wheel, anything from a mild concussion to a long-term coma can result. TBI is associated with a broad range of permanent disabilities, like losing the ability to walk, vision problems, emotional difficulties, cognitive challenges and more.

A back injury relates to spinal column damage. This could occur anywhere in the spine — from the neck to the tailbone. Like TBI, a spinal cord injury could result in serious disabilities. These can range in the loss of sensation and the loss of motor control in the feet, legs, hands, and arms. Sometimes these effects are temporary, and other times they’re permanent. In less serious cases, the patient retains control of the body but suffers from chronic back and neck pain.

In California cases where drivers or passengers suffer a head or back injury after being in a car crash, it may be possible to pursue financial compensation by filing a personal injury lawsuit against the party at fault for the injuries. If successfully navigated, a personal injury case like this could bring the injured party money to pay for medical care, compensation for an inability to work, compensation to pay for the costs of permanent disabilities and more.

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