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Split Liability in Santa Monica Car Accidents

Fatal and injurious car accidents never come with any warning, and they are always devastating for the people whose lives they affect. At Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, we are passionate about helping those who were hurt in car crashes due to no fault of their own seek legal justice and financial restitution relating to their injuries. Through the pursuit of this passion, we have helped numerous injured parties and we have gained a great deal of experience in the field.

In every car accident, no matter which driver was deemed at fault, there could be the potential for additional factors that might have contributed to the collision. By investigating these factors, victims might find that other liable parties exist, and — in fact — liability might need to be divided among more than one at-fault party in a collision.

In this respect, no attorney can afford to be single-minded in his or her vision for a case if a car accident victim is to be appropriately represented. For instance, investigations into a car crash might reveal that a semi-truck driver distracted by his or her cellphone was the cause of a serious car crash, but perhaps the faulty airbags in the injured victim’s vehicle led to injuries being much more severe than they should have been. This might be a case in which liability would be divided between the semi-truck driver, the truck company he or she was working for and the automaker in charge of the airbags.

As you can see, every Santa Monica car accident will be different, and therefore, different factors will come into play. Those factors must be analyzed and reviewed closely with an experienced attorney if the accident victim is to be represented appropriately.