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What Should I Know About Spinal Cord Injuries?

A lot of different kinds of injuries can happen to Santa Monica residents who are involved in a car accident. One of the worst types of injuries that an individual can suffer from is a spinal cord injury. That is because spinal cord injuries can leave their victims completely disabled, unable to walk, unable to breathe on their own and unable to carry out the most basic functions of life.

Medical care associated with a spinal cord injury is extremely costly, long-term, and in some cases, medical services and in-home assistance are required for the rest of the victim’s life. For this reason, when a negligent driver and/or unlawful driver causes an accident that leaves an individual paralyzed in this fashion, he or she may want to pursue personal injury claims in civil court to try and recover financial damages to pay for medical treatment, continued in-home care and rehabilitative services.

As for the purposes of a personal injury case, a spinal cord injury is generally defined as damage to any part of the victim’s spinal cord or nerves within the spinal canal. Symptoms typically include loss of sensation, loss of strength or loss of various bodily functions below the injury site.

As you can imagine, most people who have suffered a spinal cord injury will feel as if nearly all aspects of their lives have been negatively affected. However, there is a lot of hope in current spinal cord injury treatment options, and for this reason, individuals who have sufficient money to pay for the most advanced medical procedures could be able to benefit from better recoveries.

A qualified personal injury attorney will be able to tell you more about your potential spinal cord injury accident case. An attorney will also be able to give you advice on the strategies to pursue financial recovery.

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