Los Angeles Defective Product Attorneys

Tragically, people sustain serious injuries every day. Elevators suddenly drop passengers to the ground, malfunctioning drug pumps overdose patients, failed aircraft engines cause planes to crash, and punch presses amputate machinists’ limbs. These are just some examples of product liability claims.

Greene Broillet & Wheeler’s aggressive approach to product liability litigation is a hallmark of the firm. It’s what has earned our firm recognition as Our firm has been named the “#1 personal injury law firm in California” by Best Lawyers in America, and a Top Tier national firm in Products Liability byUS News and World Reports/ Best Lawyers. It’s what has allowed us to secure billions of dollars in compensation for the victims of defective products.

Defective Products Cause Life-Altering Injuries

The injuries our clients have suffered — brain injuries, and burns, spinal cord injuries and loss of limbs — are catastrophic and life altering. In many instances, these injuries are no accident. The underlying cause can be traced to a defective product or to a known design or manufacturing flaw.

An ongoing commitment to consumer safety underscores our efforts in defective product cases. Successful lawsuits can bring about the changes needed to improve a product’s safety. But our first and primary goal is to ensure our clients achieve the financial recovery they need and deserve in cases involving:

Airplane crashes
Boating accidents
Bus accidents
Construction accidents
Faulty electrical wiring
Defective farm equipment
Defectively designed fuel tanks
Faulty gasoline cans
Defective bike or motorcycle helmets
Faulty hydraulic lines
Industrial accidents
Faulty industrial equipment
Defective medical devices
Faulty motorcycle parts

Critical Evidence

Evidence plays a critical role in a defective product case. It is where we focus our major efforts and resources, and how we prove and win our case. If you believe that you have been injured by a product because of defective design or an unsafe condition, we would urge you to keep the product in your possession if possible.

The firm’s product liability legal team acts early to gain access to the dangerous product and preserve the evidence to avoid the possibility of tampering.

Attorneys, paralegals, investigative engineers, industrial designers and experts use our secured evidence warehouse and industry intelligence to recreate accidents, and when appropriate, compare alternative designs and prove that manufacturers sometimes knowingly create unsafe products.

We never lose sight of the personal trauma suffered by our clients and make sure the jury does not either. Our commitment to clients is personal and complete.

Making It Real to Jurors

At trial, our lawyers demonstrate why the product was unsafe and how this danger ruined the lives of the innocent and unsuspecting people who used it. We make a jury understand the difficulties of a young man who will spend the rest of his life as a quadriplegic because his tractor rolled over. We also educate them as to why a little girl will never learn beyond the first-grade level because the defective bicycle that she was riding caused her to be in a crash that led to brain injury.

Sending a Message

Many of our seriously injured clients and surviving families may never regain their old lives. We believe that demanding full accountability from the manufacturers of unsafe products serves an important purpose. It provides victims with the right to compensation and an opportunity to send a message. It also provides an incentive for companies to prevent similar harm from occurring to other people.

To speak to us about your product liability claim, please contact us. From offices in Santa Monica, we represent clients in the Los Angeles area and throughout Southern California and the entire state. We also consult with attorneys and clients nationwide.