Los Angeles Roof Crush Accident Lawyers

Minimum federal standards have been developed over the years to strengthen the design of passenger vehicles and to protect occupants of all sizes. Crash tests are done by car manufacturers in an effort to ensure those standards are met, but sometimes crash testing in simulated conditions in a lab is not enough. In real-world accidents, design defects become tragically apparent.

This is the case for some vehicles that experience an unacceptable degree of “roof crush” in rollover accidents.

A number of SUVs and minivans, particularly 15-passenger vans, have an inadequate roof structure because of poor placement of roof pillars or other design flaws. If the SUV or van rolls over in an accident, the roof caves in.

While some caving or crushing might be expected, given the violent forces at work in a rollover crash, a properly designed vehicle should leave the passenger compartment largely intact. A weak or defective roof structure that crushes a foot or more on impact puts occupants at risk for head injuries, brain damage, spinal cord injuries and death.

To make matters worse, a displaced roof pillar can cause the seat belt to have slack, leaving sufficient room for the occupant to be thrown violently around the passenger compartment or to be ejected from the car altogether.

The Los Angeles roof crush accident lawyers at Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, have extensive experience handling auto design and manufacturing defect cases that resulted in serious injuries or death. We work with leading auto engineering and auto safety experts to analyze the design of vehicles and vehicle components.

Few law firms can match our depth of experience, or the resources that Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, can bring to your case. We maintain an in-house staff of investigators experienced in accident reconstruction and vehicle safety who often study the facts of a case, determine how the accident occurred and then create models, illustrations and computer presentations that clearly explain why and how a roof caved in.

Whenever possible, we obtain the actual vehicles involved in the roof crush accident, store them in our evidence warehouse and use them to make our point. In the past, juries have even visited our warehouse to view evidence and hear testimony from expert witnesses while viewing the vehicle involved in the accident.

Contact a collapsed roof-rollover injury attorney at our Los Angeles office to discuss your case. We represent clients in the Los Angeles area, throughout Southern California, the state and the nation.

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