GB&W Sues Fiat Chrysler For Wrongful Death Involving Dangerous Gas Tanks

The family members of two Los Angeles men killed in a fiery explosion of a gas tank in a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee are suing the auto giant, Fiat Chrysler for wrongful death.

Rosalio Munoz-Reyes and Juventino Diaz-Hernandez were driving home from work on January 22, 2015, when their vehicle experienced a mechanical failure and came to a stop in traffic lanes on State Route 60 in Ontario, CA. While waiting for help, another car rear-ended the Jeep and it immediately burst into flames. The fire quickly engulfed the vehicle, trapping both Reyes and Hernandez, who burned to death inside the car. This product liability lawsuit highlights a growing number of fatalities that involve Jeeps suspected of having defective fuel systems that, when damaged, lead to fuel-fed fires. According to the Center for Auto Safety, since June 2013 there have been 47 deaths in fatal fire crashes in Jeeps investigated by NHTSA. According to GB&W partner Christine D. Spagnoli, “This crash was survivable and these men would still be alive today if it wasn’t for the fuel-fed fire caused by damage to a defective gas tank.”

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