GB&W Successfully Battles for Ownership of the Bahia Emerald

The Bahia Emerald, weighing in at 840 pounds and worth an estimated $372 million, is considered the biggest uncut emerald ever unearthed. The gemstone has had a long and dramatic journey since it first surfaced in a Brazilian mine in 2001. The odyssey of the Bahia Emerald has gone from an abandoned gas station in San Jose to a bank vault submerged underwater after Hurricane Katrina.

The Bahia’s colorful past only adds to its appeal. “It has a huge magic and luster to it in terms of its background. And whoever gets this and they saw this as a wise investment, they’re going to have a very, very rare piece to display and to enjoy,” said Greene. The LA County Sheriff’s Department has maintained possession of the Bahia Emerald with the expectation it will be released at the conclusion of the civil trial. In the National Geographic Special, “The 400 Million Dollar Emerald,” researchers and experts follow the Bahia Emerald from the mines of Brazil’s Bahia Region. Considered a renowned lawsuit in California history, this case has gained an international following.