GB&W Obtains $4.5 Million Verdict Against Laidlaw Transit for Collision Between a Bus and a Pedestrian

Greene Broillet & Wheeler obtained a $4.5 million jury verdict on behalf of a woman who was hit by a school bus while crossing at a pedestrian crossing lane on Ventura Boulevard. Caterina Cellamare suffered broken bones in her hips, back, and ankles and will forever need the use of a cane and/or wheelchair. She was hit and knocked eight feet by a Laidlaw bus at an intersection in Encino, CA. Attorney Browne Greene convinced the jury that Laidlaw was primarily responsible for Mrs. Cellamare’s injuries. It was discovered during the case that the bus driver entered the intersection without seeing Mrs. Cellamare and did not realize there was a problem until she heard a loud noise and felt the bus roll over something.

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