Patricia Ballaz v. City of Los Angeles

Date: 07-03-2010

Case: Patricia Ballaz v. City of Los Angeles

Court: Superior Court, Los Angeles County, California

Plaintiff’s Attorney: Browne GreeneGreene, Broillet and Wheeler, Santa Monica, California

Defendant’s Attorney: Deputy City Attorney Jessica B. Brown and Deputy City Attorney Todd Hayward

Description: Los Angeles Camerawoman Patricia Ballaz sued the City of Los Angeles for the injuries and damages that she sustained at the hands of LAPD officers during the May 2007 May Day public disturbances in MacArthur Park. Plaintiff was employed by KTTV-TV and attended the immigration rally to report for Fox 11. She claimed that the police overreacted in response to events at the rally and that she suffered physical and psychological injuries inflicted as a result of the behavior of the officers which led to lasting pain and post-traumatic stress disorder.

The City denied that the officers acted inappropriately and that they did not abuse Plaintiff’s constitutional rights. The City claimed that Ballaz ignored seven warnings from police to stay out of the line on which officers were advancing through the park.

Outcome: Ms. Ballaz was awarded $1.7 million