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Los Angeles highways are legendary for traffic congestion. With so many vehicles in a confined space, and the frayed nerves of drivers who have been stuck in traffic, it’s not hard to see how vehicle collisions can happen.

The problem for motorcycles involved in collisions with cars, trucks or buses, is that there is no protection for the motorcycle rider. A crash that causes relatively minor damage to a car can cause catastrophic injury for a biker.

The California motorcycle crash attorneys at Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, work to ensure motorcyclists get the compensation they need and deserve for serious injuries they suffer at the hands of a negligent driver. We also represent the family members of those who died a wrongful death due to another’s recklessness.

Over the years, we have won millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for motorcycle accident victims in cases such as these:

  • We secured a $5.5 million settlement for a motorcycle rider who suffered brain damage in an accident caused by dangerous road conditions when a nearby hotel flooded the roadway with water from the hotel pool.
  • We secured a $3.7 million verdict against the State of California in a wrongful death case involving a young boy and a related injury case involving his father who lost his leg because of defective roadway conditions.

If you or a loved one suffered injury in a motorcycle crash, contact the law office of Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, for a free initial consultation with an attorney.

Tackling Jury Misconceptions Head-On

Motorcycle accident cases can be some of the toughest cases to win at trial because most drivers have never driven a motorcycle and do not understand the conditions motorcyclists face on the road:

  • Car drivers don’t understand the need for a greater stopping distance.
  • They don’t give the motorcycle enough room, crowding them in their lane.
  • They don’t understand that bikers have a right to do different things than cars (for example, motorcycles can legally ride between lanes of traffic (lane splitting and can use the carpool lane). This makes some drivers unjustifiably angry.

The Evidence It Takes to Win

In order to counteract the misconceptions and prejudices of a jury, it’s extremely important to provide clear-cut, understandable and compelling evidence regarding the cause of the accident. Greene Broillet & Wheeler does this in a truly exemplary manner.

We understand the importance of high-caliber, customized, and persuasive evidence of wrongdoing. We maintain an evidence warehouse where we store damaged motorcycles for post-crash examination, testing and mechanical review.

When appropriate, we work with expert accident investigators and skilled designers to create crash scene reenactments, build models and produce live trial demonstrations, which often play a pivotal role in securing a favorable outcome from a jury. In some instances, juries have been brought to our evidence warehouse to see the wreckage for themselves.

Put Skill and Experience on Your Side in Court

To speak to us about your motorcycle accident claim, please contact a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer at Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP. From offices in Santa Monica, we represent clients in the Los Angeles area and throughout Southern California and the entire state. We also consult with attorneys and clients nationwide.

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