Cases In The News

GB&W Secures $36 Million for Girl Injured at Dangerous School Bus Stop

GB&W attorneys Geoff Wells, Ivan Puchalt and Christian Nickerson secured a $36 million award for a young girl who was hit by a car while crossing the street at her bus stop. The jury found that the school bus driver and company knew the intersection was dangerous and failed to take corrective measures. Learn more.

GB&W Obtains $15 Million Verdict for Man Injured in a DUI Accident

GB&W attorneys Bruce Broillet, Alan Van Gelder and Taylor Rayfield secured a $15 million verdict against a property management company for the acts of an employee who drove intoxicated resulting in a serious car accident. Learn more.

GB&W Secures $55 Million Verdict in Andrews v. Marriott case

GB&W’s trial team lead by partners Bruce Broillet and Scott Carr represented FOX Sports reporter and TV personality Erin Andrews in her case against a hotel for its misconduct, which led to a stalker secretly shooting video of Andrews in her hotel room in the nude. Learn more.

Greene Broillet & Wheeler Sues ‘Bank of Hope’ for Fraud

Attorneys at GB&W have filed a civil lawsuit against Bank of Hope (formally known as Wilshire Bank) which is one of the largest and most respected financial institutions in the Los Angeles Korean community. The firm currently represents nearly two-dozen plaintiffs who accuse the bank of concealing and assisting a convicted embezzler who stole their life savings in a massive Ponzi scheme that involved $47 million. Learn more.

GB&W Sues Fiat Chrysler for Wrongful Death Involving Dangerous Gas Tanks

GB&W’s Christine Spagnoli represents the family members of two Los Angeles men killed in a fiery explosion of a gas tank in a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee who are suing the auto giant, Fiat Chrysler, for wrongful death. Learn more.

GB&W Attorneys Win $7.3 Million Verdict in Bikram Yoga Sexual Harassment Case

As co-lead counsel, GB&W partner Mark Quigley was instrumental in obtaining a $7.3 million jury verdict in a sexual harassment/retaliation and wrongful termination case involving a whistleblower that sued celebrity yoga guru Bikram Choudhury. Learn more.

GB&W Fights for Better Bus Safety Regulations

Partner Geoff Wells testified at legislative hearings in support of SB 274, also known as “The Passenger Charter-party Carriers’ Act”, which is now a law aimed at improving the safety and operating requirements on charter buses. Learn more.

GB&W Successfully Battles for Ownership of The Bahia Emerald

Partner Browne Greene is co-lead counsel in a high-profile dispute involving ownership of the woartnerrld’s largest emerald. After more than six years of litigation which involved two trials and multiple parties, including the country of Brazil, Browne Greene helped secure ownership of the world’s largest emerald for his clients. Learn more.

GB&W Secures $5.9 for Victim of Sexual Misconduct

Lead counsel Browne Greene transformed the trajectory of a contentious civil rights case against the City of San Diego that involved sexual misconduct by a San Diego Police officer. Within a matter of months, Mr. Greene negotiated a $5.9 million settlement for the plaintiff. Through litigation, Mr. Greene exposed cover-ups and corruption within the police department and instituted positive change in the way the department handles police misconduct. Learn more.

GB&W Obtains $4.7 Million Verdict Against Power Company for Electrocution

Lead attorney Robert Jarchi, along with associates Molly McKibben and Christian Nickerson, obtained a $4.7 million verdict in Riverside Superior Court against Southern California Edison (SCE) for the wrongful death of a farm worker electrocuted while picking fruit in a grapefruit orchard, in a strongly disputed liability case. Learn more.

GB&W Wins Pedowitz $10 Million Whistleblower Settlement Against UC Regents

After an 8-week trial, GB&W’s Mark Quigley won a $10 million settlement in a whistleblower-retaliation lawsuit involving a contentious battle between the chairman of UCLA’s orthopedic surgery department and one of the state’s most powerful organizations, The Regents of The University of California. Learn more.

GB&W Obtains Court Order Against KPMG for Serious Discovery Abuses.

Attorneys from Greene Broillet & Wheeler represented Targus in several malpractice cases against accounting giant KPMG, accusing it of failing to discover a three-year embezzlement scheme by the company’s CFO that caused $50 million in losses. Learn more.

GB&W Files Suit Against City of LA, DWP for Breach of Multi-Million-Dollar Contract

Attorneys from Greene, Broillet & Wheeler filed a lawsuit against the City of Los Angeles and the LA Department of Water & Power (the largest utility in the country) alleging the LADWP reneged on a multi-million-dollar contract. Learn more.

GB&W Obtains $21 Million Verdict for Client Against Edison for Negligence Relating to Power Lines

Greene Broillet & Wheeler obtained a $21 million jury verdict on behalf of a man who had to have his arms amputated after his aluminum avocado-picking pole touched a 12,000-volt power line. Learn more.

GB&W Obtains $8 Million Verdict for Stolen Lottery Ticket

Greene Broillet & Wheeler LLP obtained a major victory on behalf of a woman who claimed her boss stole her winning $8 million SuperLotto ticket. Learn more.

GB&W Obtains $8 Million Verdict for Wrongful Death of Heroic Teacher

A Los Angeles jury awarded $8.15 million to the family of a pre-school teacher killed while saving a three-year-old from a runaway bus. Learn more.

GB&W Obtains $4.5 Million Verdict Against Laidlaw Transit for Collision Between a Bus and a Pedestrian

Greene Broillet & Wheeler obtained a $4.5 million jury verdict on behalf of a woman who was hit by a school bus while crossing at a pedestrian crossing lane on Ventura Boulevard. Learn more.

GB&W Obtains Settlement for Clients in Legal Malpractice Action Following $45.6 Million Verdict

Attorneys from Greene Broillet & Wheeler secured a $46.5 million verdict against the law firm of Jones, Day, Revis & Pogue in what was at the time the second-largest legal malpractice verdict in history. Learn more.

GB&W Obtains $33 Million Verdict for Physician Injured by the LAPD and Budget Rent a-Car.

Attorneys from Greene Broillet & Wheeler obtained a $33 million jury verdict on behalf of a Miami surgeon who was handcuffed so tightly by arresting officers that his ability to perform surgery was permanently damaged. Learn more.