Complications From Burn Injuries Can Be Very Serious

Burn injuries can range from minor to very severe. When a burn injury is widespread or deep, there is a chance that complications might occur. These complications can make the healing process very difficult.

One issue that people with widespread burns might face is an inability to control the body’s temperature. This leads to a low body temperature, which can put you at risk for hypothermia. The skin is the major organ that holds the body temperature steady. When you lose a large portion of your skin, such as with a severe, large burn, you can easily lose heat.

Another issue that is possible is infection. Burned areas of skin aren’t providing protection against bacteria. If an infection is severe, it can be life-threatening. The same is also true if you suffer from a bacterial infection of the blood, which is known as sepsis. This can lead to organ failure and shock if it isn’t promptly and effectively treated.

It is also possible to suffer from low blood volume, bone issues, joint problems, and breathing problems. All of these are caused by the effects of the burns. In the case of breathing problems, the issue is likely caused by the inhalation of the smoke and hot air.

Scarring is a life-long complication of severe burns. These can lead to disfigurement, which can make life very difficult. If you have suffered from a burn injury that wasn’t your fault, you might opt to seek compensation. You would do this by filing a lawsuit against the entity, party, or person(s) liable for the accident that led to your burns.

Source: Mayo Clinic, “Complications,” accessed March 09, 2016
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