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Scalding Burns Can Be Prevented With Specific Steps


Burns are especially troublesome for the boys and girls who suffer from them. They are painful and more serious burns result in extensive medical treatments. Preventing burns is sometimes easy. Preventing burns is sometimes easy. Unfortunately, there are some instances in which people don’t take the necessary steps. Other people are harmed when these individuals don’t take action.

Adults who are over 65 and children under 5 are the two age groups who are most at risk of suffering a scalding injury. One way to prevent this type of burn is to keep the water temperature below 140 degrees. The ideal temperature for hot water is 120 to 125 degrees if you have children or elderly people in the home. Once the water reaches 140 degrees, it can cause a third-degree burn in only five seconds.

You should also take steps to prevent scalding burns that might occur from water heated on the stove. Make sure that children aren’t near the stove. If you have an elderly person in the home, try not to heat water for tea or coffee any hotter than necessary to make the beverage.

Ultimately, it is up to each individual to make sure that scalding injuries are prevented at home. Daycare workers for senior citizens and children should make sure that people under their care aren’t at risk of being scalded by hot water. If something happens and a person is scalded while they are at daycare or any other facility, seeking compensation for the burn injuries might be possible if there was negligence or recklessness that led to the burn.

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