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Severe Burns Can Lead to Disfigurement and Other Issues


Burn injuries are horrible injuries that can lead to disfigurement. That isn’t something that most people are prepared to deal with, especially after having to deal with the searing pain and difficult medical treatments that occurred after the burn injury. There are some ways that you can feel better about social interaction following a disfiguring burn injury.

One way that you might be better prepared for social interactions after a burn injury is to decide how you will answer questions about what happened to cause your scars. While people might still stare and act in an unwelcome manner, you can control how you react.

We know that your self-image and confidence might be low because of the injuries and scarring. We can’t give you an improved self-image or more confidence. What we can do is to help you to pursue compensation so that you can afford treatments that might help your scars, as well as therapy that could help your confidence and self-image.

You might also suffer from pain at the scar sites. That can make a host of activities, including intimacy and self-care, much more difficult. Even doing the job duties for your occupation might be difficult if you have severe scarring. While it is possible to control or manage the pain with medication, many pain medications can’t be used if you will need to drive.

Many pain medications can make you too sleepy to do much else besides sleep. All of this can greatly impact your life. We can include that information in the claim for compensation that you make.