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What Is Rehabilitation Like After a Brain Injury?

The effects of a brain injury vary greatly from one case to the next because of the variety of injuries that can occur to the brain. The variety of injuries and effects means that a person who needs rehabilitation after a brain injury will likely have to go through a personalized rehabilitation program.

What Is the Goal of Rehabilitation After a Brain Injury?

The ultimate goal of rehabilitation is to help people to recover as much of their previous function as possible. In most cases, returning to the pre-injury levels of skills isn’t possible. As they go through rehabilitation, the person will learn how to do basic skills again if those skills were lost because of the injury. Another goal of rehabilitation is to help those who help care for the victim to understand the ways they can help the person. It can also help to set expectations for the future.

When Should Rehabilitation Start?

Rehabilitation should be started as soon as possible after the injury. Many patients with a brain injury will begin a physical therapy program while they are still in the hospital. Some people who have a brain injury might end up needing intensive rehabilitation that requires them to move into a specialized center.

The rehabilitative care that is necessary after a brain injury is costly. People who suffered a brain injury in an accident that was caused by negligence might opt to seek compensation for their injury. Determining whom to hold liable and what damages to seek are critical in all personal injury cases, including those related to a brain injury.

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