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Toyota to Recall 885,000 Cars Due to Defects

Carmaker Toyota recently announced a recall of over 885,000 vehicles due to electrical issues that may prevent airbags from deploying in the event of a car accident. NBC News reports that this is one of several recent recalls for the manufacturer.

The vast majority of the recalled cars (about 803,000) were sold in the U.S. This most recent recall means that Toyota has recalled a total of 1.5M vehicles during the past month.

The carmaker also recently won a case against a California man who says that his wife was killed due to a defective Toyota Camry. The lawsuit was brought by the husband of Noriko Uno, who was killed after her car was hit by another vehicle and allegedly began speeding out of control down a busy street until it hit a tree and killed her.

A California jury found that the carmaker was not liable for failing to install a brake override system to prevent such unintended acceleration. Over 500 cases have been filed against Toyota in connection with unintended acceleration issues.

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