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GM Recall Is Incomplete, Reporters Say


Last week we wrote about a major recall of General Motors vehicles due to an ignition switch problem that can cause the vehicles to shut off unexpectedly.

USA Today recently reported that the problem with the ignition switches may impact another 658,172 vehicles which the company has failed to recall.

Automakers identify vehicle components using part numbers, and GM has failed to explain why it hasn’t recalled thousands of vehicles with the same ignition switch part numbers as the recalled vehicles.

What is even more disturbing are reports that the automaker has identified at least some of the non-recalled vehicles as potentially defective in dealer alerts dating back to 2005.

The ignition switch problem can cause a loss of power to a driver’s steering, brakes, airbags, and anti-lock brakes. Allegations have been made in a wrongful death lawsuit against the company that GM knew about the problem with its ignition switches as early as 2004, about 10 years before it finally recalled the vehicles.

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