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TBI Detection Tool Could Help Injury Victims, II


Traumatic brain injury can occur in an accident or during ordinary activities that might involve possible endangerment to the head area. Vehicle accidents cause many internal brain injuries including memory loss, moodiness, coma, loss of feeling or even death.

Playing a rough sport like football or boxing often results in internal head and or brain injury; wartime explosions and concussions also can result in TBI. Some TBI injuries are caused by repeated damage to the head area, as has happened to some professional football players.

Approximately 1.7million people receive internal brain injuries every year in the United States. Recent wars in the Middle East account for another 200,000 military cases. The result can be memory loss, moodiness, coma, loss of sensitivity or even the death of the patient.

Researchers are optimistic that a new diagnostic tool will provide a clearer view of damage than previously was available by diffusion tensor imaging. The military is studying a new type of CT scan for measuring blood flow changes in the brain. The goal of all research is to help find new ways to protect the brain from internal injuries.

This study involves a new type of MRI test called high-definition fiber tracking. This test creates a vividly colored “map” of major internal brain injury to fiber tracts that contain nerves and nerve endings. Any break or interference with axon communication within the nerve fibers can be permanent; early diagnosis may help with rehabilitation.

Negligent behaviors resulting in accidents that cause TBI, spinal cord injury, burns, and other injuries or wrongful death cost victims major expenses and heartache. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, contact a personal injury attorney to determine if you are entitled to compensation for related medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses.

Source: Air Force Times, “Researchers test new tool for identifying TBI,” Lauran Neergaard, March 2, 2012