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TBI Detection Tool Could Help Injury Victims


New scientific research and developments used for diagnosing and treating traumatic brain injuries (TBI) offer hope to victims of events and accidents that end up in severe injury to the head and neck area. Some brain injuries in Los Angeles are the result of an accident involving negligence, as may occur in a car wreck caused by a distracted driver or failure of a defective part.

Brain injuries can occur with even the slightest trauma to the delicate organ. The brain is filled with neurons and synapses and the smallest of breaks that are difficult to detect can cause serious disability to the injury victim.

There are many cases of TBI in which serious debilitating symptoms are immediately apparent. The inability to form coherent words or sentences is one of these obvious disabilities. However, there are many cases that are not so easy to detect.

Everyone forgets things, and so many people write off small memory lapses that are actually symptoms of TBI. Mood swings are another symptom that may become immediately present or grow with time. In fact, many of the debilitating symptoms may not rear their ugly head for a number of years which makes early detection even more important.

Researchers and neurologists are testing a new brain injury tool that is better than the current technology at pinpointing internal brain function and damaged areas. In our next post, we will discuss the specifics of this early detection research.

Source: Air Force Times, “Researchers test new tool for identifying TBI,” Lauran Neergaard, March 2, 2012