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Los Angeles Pools Have Potential to Cause Brain Injuries to Children


Children are very prone to accidents, which is why it is important to provide proper security for things that may pose a danger to them. Unfortunately, these accidents can cause severe injuries to children. Often if children cannot specify the type of accident or degree of injury, parents and doctors need to take precautionary measures to help heal the child’s injuries.

A dangerous area that causes child injuries is around pools, which are common in California. A young girl who incurred a brain injury from a pool accident was able to recover from the use of her cord blood.

The young girl was walking around the edge of a swimming pool when she fell in. California swimming pools can be a potential danger to anyone around the pool. The young girl was unconscious following her fall into the swimming pool. The unconsciousness caused the young girl to be deprived of oxygen for approximately 45 minutes. The loss of oxygen caused the young girl to suffer a severe brain injury. The brain damage caused her to go into a vegetative state, which meant she could not speak.

Prior to the accident, the parents of the young girl banked her blood cord. A blood cord is a part of the child’s umbilical cord that contains blood after the umbilical cord is cut. It is collected and stored after the child’s birth.

The young girl’s doctors were able to re-infuse the child’s blood cord to help her recover 15 months after her accident. After the blood cord was re-infused, her mother stated he could notice a difference by the next day when the young girl began to talk. The doctor’s claim the young girl recovered from her brain injury due to her blood cord.

These types of medical treatments do not come cheap. High medical bills can devastate a family, which is why the law provides a route to compensation for victims of negligent accidents.

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