Evidence Warehouse

Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP’s multimillion-dollar victories are due in large part to its presentation of persuasive demonstrative evidence at trial.

We operate our own evidence warehouse where we analyze, develop and secure the critical information concerning our clients’ injuries.

From crash scene reenactments, product testing and parts analysis to model building, witness interviewing and live trial demonstrations, the work conducted at GB&W’s evidence center often plays a pivotal role in determining favorable case outcomes.


In automotive, boat and truck collisions, investigators and engineers act quickly to protect the integrity of the damaged vehicle and store it in a safe, guarded location.

We conduct post-crash examinations, striation tests, and design and mechanical reviews of damaged and exemplar models. Every time evidence is viewed, inspected, or involved in reenactments with opposing counsel and/or their experts, the process is videotaped. This prevents evidence loss, destruction or interference that commonly occurs in litigation investigations.

In an industrial injury accident, our investigative unit is capable of developing incident reenactments and demonstrations using customized three-dimensional models, animated simulations and computer technology.


Expert, proprietary evidence gathering does make a difference.

For example, our evidence team helped a driver charged with vehicular manslaughter by the California Highway Patrol. The team’s painstaking and meticulous inspection and testing of the driver’s tires revealed serious manufacturing flaws which the CHP had overlooked. Our attorneys cleared the driver’s name and held the tire maker accountable for its deadly negligence.

Results like that have earned GB&W’s evidence team, and its meticulously maintained warehouse, widespread recognition and respect within the legal community. This in turn allows us to conduct some sessions of a case trial, when necessary, directly at our facility.


For most firms, it is less expensive and more convenient to project slides or submit charts of oversized damaged vehicles, gas tanks and complicated machinery. However, this fails to present a complete picture to the jury of the cause of a client’s injuries.

Greene Broillet & Wheeler is dedicated to using the most advanced and illustrative evidentiary techniques to achieve maximum recovery for our clients. Defective product and vehicular crash cases are complex. Our presentation of evidence eliminates confusion and presents a clear understanding of the facts of the case to the jury.

From engineering experts who discover exactly how products fail or crashes occur to staff investigators who locate hard-to-find witnesses, GB&W’s comprehensive and extensive evidence gathering resources strengthen our clients’ claims and the compensation they receive for their injuries.

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