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California MTS Trolley Injury Attorney

The truth about bus accidents is this: after an accident has occurred — especially if there were injuries or someone died — the bus company often has an investigator on the scene within 20 minutes to take pictures and gather evidence.

From that point on, evidence sometimes begins to disappear.

The lawyer representing the injured party or the family whose loved one has died is inevitably a step or two behind the bus company. But that need not hamper the success of your injury claim if you work with a law firm that understands how to investigate an MTS bus accident scene.

The bus accident attorneys at Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, handle bus accident cases every year, as we have for more than a decade.

With 12 experienced trial attorneys on staff, an in-house team of accident investigators, and access to both medical experts and accident reconstructionists, we are fully prepared to get to the bottom of your MTS bus accident case whether it involved a bus-vehicle collision, or a bus-pedestrian or bus-bicyclist accident.

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Our Work Makes the Community Safer

We have handled many big cases over the years that brought safety problems to the attention of business managers and government officials, resulting in changes in the law or changes in policies. One such case involved the operation of the San Diego trolley.

In order for trolley patrons to reach a trolley on another track, it was common for the rider to walk/jump between cars. Our client was seriously injured while “couple jumping” between trolley cars. Our client achieved a significant financial settlement, and thanks to the dedication of his California MTS trolley injury attorney the trolley company now prohibits patrons from doing this and has installed warning signs to limit future injuries.

Bringing It Home to a Jury

How evidence is presented to a jury is vital to obtaining a positive outcome in an MTS bus or trolley accident case. Our goal when preparing evidence for trial is to help the jury understand the facts of the case, even when those facts are complicated. We make extensive use of demonstration materials and, in some cases, bring the jury to our evidence warehouse to view evidence firsthand.

When You Need Strong, Effective Representation

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