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Mass transit bus services in the Culver City area are provided by Culver CityBus, bright green buses that radiate from the center of the city out toward Marina Del Rey, Venice, Westchester, Westwood, West Los Angeles, Palms, Rancho Park, Mar Vista, and Century City. Residents in the area are also served by Torrance Transit buses.

It’s not unusual to see casino tour buses traveling down Interstate 40 toward Nevada. In fact, one of the most serious bus accidents in recent history occurred when a Royal American tour bus en route from Culver City to Laughlin, Nevada, overturned along the freeway, killing one and injuring 21.

The Culver CityBus accident lawyers at Greene, Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, represent people hurt as passengers in Culver CityBus and Torrance Transit bus accidents, or as pedestrians, bicyclists or drivers hit by a CityBus. We represent injured California residents as well as injured tourists and families who have lost a loved one in a fatal bus crash.

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in a Culver CityBus accident or Torrance bus crash, contact Greene Broillet & Wheeler for a free consultation.

City buses, charter buses, and community shuttle services are all common carriers. This means they have a higher standard of care when it comes to the safety of passengers and can be held financially accountable for injuries resulting from negligence of the driver, faulty equipment, or poor maintenance.

A bus company can certainly be held financially accountable if the bus is involved in a crash like the Culver City casino tour bus crash where the bus ran off the road and turned over on its side. But a bus company can be held financially responsible for far less catastrophic accidents if a passenger is injured, such as:

  • If an elderly passenger falls and breaks a bone because the bus driver failed to ensure the passenger was seated before moving into traffic
  • If a passenger suffers a head injury from striking a pole or seat back because the bus made a sudden stop
  • If the bus lets a passenger off in an unsafe location and the passenger is then hit by traffic

We Know Where to Look and What to Look For

At Greene, Broillet & Wheeler, we have a track record of success in handling bus accident cases throughout California. We put our extensive investigative resources and in-depth understanding of bus company policies and procedures to work securing full and fair compensation for our clients.

Our team of in-house investigators examines the accident scene, interviews witnesses, secures onboard videotapes and GPS data, and gathers other evidence to determine how the accident occurred. We then put together a compelling presentation of the evidence that allows a jury to understand how the injuries occurred and the impact that these injuries will have on the life of our client.

When You Need Strong, Effective Representation

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