Burn Injury Case Results

McGee v. The City of Alameda Settlement $25 million

Construction worker hit an underground energized electrical line while using a drill at a construction site, causing him severe electrical injuries that resulted in third degree burns to over 20 percent of his body, several amputations.

Griggs v. West-Pac Industries and Tools Exchange Verdict: $58 million

Christine Spagnoli was an integral member of the trial team which obtained a verdict for a male worker who suffered severe burn injuries caused by a defective O-ring. Largest single plaintiff's personal injury verdict in California. Jury also awarded a record $48 million in non-economic compensatory damages.

Kimball v. Southern California Edison Verdict: $21 million

Professional avocado picker electrocuted by hidden power lines while working. Injuries caused amputation of one arm and portion of a leg and other arm. It was the largest judgment against SoCal Edison in a personal injury suit.

Alpert v. Will-Burt Confidential Settlement

KABC-TV reporter Adrienne Alpert was severely burned and electrified by power lines her mobile transmission truck hit while covering a news story. Equipment was not fitted with necessary safety devices.

Hawkins v. City of Anaheim Settlement: $6 million

While painting the side of a building from a roof, a 31-year-old painter used a 12-foot aluminum pole. The pole contacted a 12,000-volt overhead power line, causing massive injuries and severe third degree thermal burns to 60 percent of the man's body. Settlements reached with the city, building owner and manufacturer of the extension pole.

Doe Individual v. Doe University Fraternity House Settlement: $5.2 million

A university student was severely burned when fellow fraternity members threw a firecracker into the fraternity house room where he was sleeping.

Doe Individual v. Doe Corporation Confidential Settlement: $2.4 million

A woman was severely burned when the gas dryer placed on the ground in her garage caused the ignition of flammable vapors.

Doe Individual v. Doe Cable Company Settlement: $2.1 million

Department of Water and Power employee was electrocuted, severely burning his hands, while working on a power pole transmitter. The transmitter was inadvertently grounded as a result of the negligent stringing of a cable TV line.

Younger v. Foster Wheeler Settlement: $1.75 million

Thirty-six year old refinery worker was severely burned when pressurized liquid escaped from a negligently designed coker at an oil refinery in Torrance.

Canela v. Tom's Vending Company Settlement: $1 million

Plaintiff opened the door of a microwave oven mid-cycle to rotate his food. The interlock system failed and caused deep burns to the nerves and muscles of plaintiff's major hand.

Doe Individual v. Doe Film Company Settlement: $1.9 million

Actress sustained third degree burn injuries to her face and body while performing fire-breathing stunt during movie audition. Settlement reached after plaintiff won verdict on liability.

Rosen v. McDonald's Confidential Settlement

Woman suffered third degree burns from hot coffee that spilled in her lap at a McDonald's drive-through.

Klein v. Southern Contracting Settlement: $1.1 million

Burn injuries to cable splicer.

Doe v. Doe Restaurant: Settlement $4.5 million

Man fell into open fire pit on bar patio sustaining severe burn injuries.

Wahl v. Armstrong Home and Gardens and TJ Maxx: Confidential Settlements

Minor Delaney Wahl suffered severe burn injuries from an outdoor fire pot that exploded due to defects in the design of the fire pot and the fuel gel used to fill the fire pot. Discovery revealed that TJ Maxx had known of the defects in the fuel gel for over a year prior to the explosion and had conducted a secret internal recall of the product without alerting its customers.

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