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Does Siri Really Make Driving Safer?

a phone mounted on a car dashboard

California’s distracted driving laws prohibit motorists from using electronic devices in their hands while driving. These devices may be used while driving if they are mounted in an approved position, like on the dashboard or the windshield, and operated with voice commands, like Siri.

Many California drivers take advantage of voice-operated technology to use their devices while driving. But, does this actually improve safety on the road?

Does Siri Distract Drivers?

A study conducted by Texas A&M Transportation Institute involved 43 participants driving on a closed course, once without a cell phone and once while making voice commands to a cell phone. The results of the study found that most participants’ response times were significantly delayed when using voice commands for texting when compared to their response times when they were not using a device at all.

Participants in the study also took their eyes off the road far more often than when not texting, even when using voice commands for texting. Although participants reported feeling safer behind the wheel when using voice commands to send a text rather than type one manually, the results of the study show that voice-operated systems like Siri may not improve drivers’ distraction behind the wheel.

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The advent of smartphones and the rise in voice-operated technology have made many aspects of our lives easier. However, driving may not be one of them.

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