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New Camera Technology Could Help Determine Fault in Truck Accidents


Truck accidents can be devastating for drivers and passengers in cars and motorcycles. Since semi-trucks are often at least 20 times the size of a car, car drivers and passengers face a great risk of injury in collisions with trucks.

If it turns out the truck driver was at fault, victims of truck accidents may be able to receive compensation for injuries and other damages. But how do you know if an accident was actually the truck driver’s fault?

New SmartDrive cameras are helping provide some crucial evidence in truck accident casesGovernment Technology reported recently. The cameras point backward to capture the driver in the cab as well as forward to record the road in front of the truck.

So if a driver’s asleep at the wheel or texting, that will be recorded. Or if a car darts in front of the truck and the truck driver doesn’t have a chance to slow down, that would also be captured.

Many truck drivers and companies are embracing the technology as a way to protect their drivers in lawsuits, but the cameras also protect other drivers. Not only can they offer evidence if a truck driver is at fault in an accident, but their very presence could make truck drivers think twice before doing something they know is unsafe.

Truck accidents can be caused by a complicated set of factors, so any additional source of information can be helpful in figuring out exactly what happened and making sure victims receive fair compensation.