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The Unique Dangers of Car Carrier Accidents

Car carrier vehicle in stopped traffic on a busy highway

Car carriers are an efficient way for multiple vehicles to be transported at the same time. They can save time, money, and resources.

However, these vehicles are much larger than the passenger vehicles they transport and are on the road around them, which means when they are involved in collisions, the damage tends to be severe. Read on to learn more about some of the unique dangers of car carrier accidents.

The Unique Design Can Hinder the Driver’s View of the Road

If you’ve never had the chance to climb into the driver’s seat of a car carrier, you would have no real way of knowing just how limited the visibility can be. It is common for many car carriers to position the loaded vehicles in such a way that the vehicles hang over the sides, which can somewhat hinder the driver’s visibility. This can impact the driver’s ability to see around and behind the vehicle.

In a Crash, a Car Carrier Can Become a Launchpad

As you know, car carriers are made to move multiple passenger vehicles long distances. They feature a loading ramp in the rear which allows the cars to be loaded onto the carrier. In addition, they feature a platform (or deck) where the vehicles are stationed during the journey.

This design works well as long as the car carrier does not get into a crash. However, if a high-speed crash does occur, the platform can easily become a launchpad/ramp when they are hit from behind or collide with something in the front. If a carrier is rear-ended, the vehicle in the rear can slide forward, causing the cab of the carrier to be crushed.

If You’re Hurt, We’re Here to Help

Sustaining injuries in a crash that’s not your fault is unacceptable. If this has happened to you, we want to help you recover the compensation you deserve. Don’t delay—reach out right away to learn how we can help.

Contact our Los Angeles attorneys with the details of your case right away at (866) 634-4525 or contact us online. We will fight to recover your full and fair compensation.