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Spinal Cord Injuries Can Affect Life Expectancy and Enjoyment

The recovery process after a spinal cord injury can include various teams of medical professionals. Each team works with the patient on a specific portion of their recovery. Exactly which teams are needed to work on a particular case will be dependent upon how the spinal cord injury has affected the patient. As you can imagine, the recovery process is often costly because of the amount of care, intervention and assistive technology that might be necessary.

You have the option to seek compensation if the spinal cord accident that derailed your life was someone else’s fault. We can help you to present a compelling case if you opt to seek compensation to help pay for the bills associated with the spinal cord injury. Those costs can include fees from the rehabilitation and recovery programs that teach you how to live your life after the spinal cord injury.

Another factor that is affected when you have a spinal cord injury is your life expectancy. Generally, suffering from a spinal cord injury reduces your life expectancy. In the case of a 20-year-old without a spinal cord injury, the life expectancy is 59.5 years from there. If that same person is on a ventilator, that life expectancy is reduced to 19.3 years due to the injury.

The damages that you seek after a spinal cord injury depends on the severity of the injury and the repercussions from your injury on your life. You can seek compensation to help you cover medical bills, wages you were unable to earn, and additional damages like pain and suffering.