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Independence Day Celebrations Can Turn Disastrous


The upcoming holiday is one that involves a lot of fireworks and outdoor grilling. Fireworks and grilling are both associated with heat, which can lead to burns. Each year, an average of 230 people are injured by fireworks alone around and on the July 4th holiday.

The injuries from fireworks aren’t limited only to the people who are igniting the fireworks. In fact, two out of the nine people who died in fireworks-related accidents weren’t the people who were shooting the fireworks off. The age demographic that is most commonly injured are people from 25 to 44 years old, and most of the injured people are men.

Interestingly, firecrackers and sparklers are some of the fireworks that are associated with the most injuries. Firecrackers account for around 20 percent of the injuries and sparklers account for around 19 percent of the injuries. Only the unspecified category is associated with a higher percentage of the injuries.

When it comes to the types of injuries that people suffer because of firecrackers, more than half of the injuries suffered are burn injuries. The body parts that are associated with the majority of fireworks-related injuries are the hands and fingers, which account for 36 percent of the injuries. The eyes, head, face, and ears are also associated with injuries from fireworks. Less common are injuries to the arms, trunk, and legs.

If you are injured in a fireworks accident, you might have a claim for compensation. This would be the case if the injury occurred at a public display, was caused by someone else’s negligence, or was because of a defective product.

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