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Spinal Cord Injuries: Using Trial and Negotiation Techniques

Unfortunately, presenting the facts is not always enough to be successful in a California spinal cord injury case. In order to be as effective as possible, a Los Angeles personal injury attorney must have a full arsenal of trial and negotiation techniques. Both experience and knowledge are two of the main foundations upon which an attorney will develop these techniques. However, an attorney must also have a passion for the law to become a successful advocate for his or her clients.

One technique a good attorney possesses is the ability to make complex issues easy to understand. This is accomplished through experience negotiating personal injury cases and representing clients in court. Along with simply presenting the facts of a case, a skilled attorney will investigate deeply and offer the court detailed information about every aspect of the case. Knowledge of the spinal cord and the injuries a spinal cord can suffer is essential in providing a well-researched and knowledgeable case at trial.

When it comes to negotiating a settlement—with an insurance adjuster or another entity—there are several successful techniques an attorney can utilize. One of the most effective involves preparation ahead of time. This often means preparing an agenda that includes discussion topics such as:

  • Statements of liability
  • Client pain and suffering
  • Documentation of the spinal cord injury
  • Additional documentation about the injury or the cause of the injury
  • A timetable for the potential settlement

As you can see, in cases involving spinal cord injuries, an attorney must be able to wear many hats and still remain effective. The lawyers of Greene, Broillet & Wheeler are comfortable wearing these hats and have the skill to represent clients successfully. Please explore our personal injury website to learn more about the role of an attorney in a spinal cord injury case.