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Pinpointing the Financial Impact of a Spinal Cord Injury

A serious spinal cord injury is one of the most debilitating types of injuries a Los Angeles resident can suffer from. Spinal cord damage can leave its victims disabled and unable to walk, and even unable to breathe.

The money that a spinal cord injury victim is required to pay to doctors and medical staff can be particularly high; therefore, when pursuing a personal injury claim relating to spinal injuries, it is important to evaluate the victim’s current and future medical needs. This will help the plaintiff pursue a sufficient amount of financial damages to support him or her now and in the years to come.

Because spinal cord injuries can change over time, and because the extent of such injuries can be subject to different medical opinions. At Greenberg Broillet & Wheeler, we often employ the services of expert doctors who specialize in offering medical care, medical analysis, and in-court expert witness testimony.

In addition to medical expert witnesses, we may also employ the services of a life care planning expert and an economist to predict the future costs of care and services related to a long term spinal cord injury. These expert witnesses can play a crucial role in illuminating the nature and extent of damages in a spinal cord accident case.

At Greenberg Broillet & Wheeler, we are proud to say that we have represented numerous plaintiffs in spinal cord injury-related actions that secure millions of dollars in favorable settlements and court awards on behalf of them. We know first hand how difficult spinal cord injuries are — on a financial, emotional and physical level — and we are passionate about seeking the maximum in financial damages our clients are capable of obtaining in their cases.