Memory Loss and Brain Injury Litigation

Memory loss is a troubling symptom of traumatic brain injury. Complete amnesia of the events before and after the injury is common, as is impaired short-term memory.

The full extent of permanent memory loss after a brain injury is usually not apparent for months and sometimes for more than a year after the injury. Swelling of the brain and surrounding tissues from an impact can cause temporary amnesia and memory impairment.

Putting It Into Words

People with brain injuries may have difficulty with speech. They know what they want to say, but aren’t able to verbalize the words. Brain injury rehabilitation may be able to help some patients regain some of their speech abilities.

Directional memory can also be impaired. People may not be able to find their way to places they were once familiar with — the grocery store, the office or even their own home.

Difficulty Forming New Memories

People with brain injury-induced memory loss not only have trouble remembering things they used to know, they may also have difficulty forming new memories of events that transpired after the accident. Both of these types of memory loss can be permanent.

Memory loss due to a brain injury can rob an individual of the ability to work and earn a living and even to care for oneself. The costs associated with this type of injury can be devastating. That is why it is important to seek legal help from an attorney experienced in brain injury litigation.

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