The Legal Challenges of Suing Governmental Entities in Southern California

Dealing with the government can be one of the biggest challenges involved in securing compensation for injury victims after a bus accident or public transportation injury.

The Law Firm Other Lawyers Turn To

That is why other law firms frequently turn to Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, when they have a case requiring legal action against a public entity. Our law firm knows the steps to take and the potential pitfalls to avoid in order to maximize compensation to clients injured in public transportation accidents.

Imagine that you are hit by a car while crossing the street, leaving you with a broken leg and a head injury. In most cases, you would have two full years to decide whether to file a claim against the car’s driver and his or her insurance company. This gives you an adequate amount of time to find out whether your head injury was just a concussion or a brain injury that will cause permanent impairment. In cases involving government defendants, your deadline to file a claim is much shorter.

Consult an Attorney Early in the Process

If you were hit by a bus in the same crosswalk and sustained the very same injuries, you would only have six months to file a claim against a government defendant. All liable parties and all the different theories of recovery and damages must be included in the initial claim. If information or evidence is discovered later, it cannot be used to prove liability or document damages. In some complex cases, you may not realize until six months into the case that the liable party is the county, not the city.

Failure to file a claim quickly and properly can leave injury victims without a leg to stand on, unable to pursue financial compensation for damages.

Experienced in Public Transportation Litigation

Our attorneys have won millions of dollars in compensation for clients injured in a wide range of public transportation accidents. Each transit system and agency has its own set of rules and jurisdiction. We understand the nuances involved in pursuing these claims and we use this knowledge to our clients’ best advantage.

Our lawyers represent people who were injured in public transportation accidents in Los Angeles, Southern California and the state. To discuss your case, please contact our law firm.