Workplace Injury Case Results #2

Castillo v. Quality Shoring and Scaffold, Inc. (lead case) Combined Verdict and Settlements: $78 Million

Twelve plaintiffs filed suit for an October 2001 roof collapse construction accident. In that accident, some clients plunged 6-stories into a tank filled with rebar, metal and wet concrete, while others were left clinging to rebar, suspended 50 feet above the ground until they were rescued.

McGee v. The City of Alameda Settlement $25 million

Construction worker hit an underground energized electrical line while using a drill at a construction site, causing him severe electrical injuries that resulted in third degree burns to over 20 percent of his body, limb amputations and brain damage.

Doe Individual v. Doe Corporation Settlement: $3.65 million

Worker at loading dock was pinned and his pelvis crushed when a truck pulling away from the area trapped him against commercial refuse containers.

Laurutis v. RPS, Inc. Verdict: $2.9 million

50-year-old male sustained multiple fractures when thrown from a crane. Subcontractor was found negligent; he failed to warn plaintiff of increased load.

Doe Individual v. Doe Film Company Settlement: $1.9 million

Actress sustained third degree burn injuries to her face and body while performing fire-breathing stunt during movie audition. Settlement reached after plaintiff verdict on liability.

Doe Individual v. Doe Corporation Settlement: $1.75 million: $1.75 million during trial

Thirty-six-year-old refinery worker burned when pressurized liquid escaped from a negligently designed coker at an oil refinery in Torrance.

Eshelman v. Norris Industries Verdict: $1.39 million

Studio electrician fell into a large pit during night shoot on "Beverly Hills Ninja." Soft tissue damage necessitated shoulder impingement surgery and an expected spinal disc fusion in the future.

Doe Individual v. Doe Corporation Settlement: $1.1 million

Burn injuries to cable splicer.

Crawford v. MGM Confidential Settlement

Performer Michael Crawford was starring in the EFX show in Las Vegas when safety devices failed. Mr. Crawford was injured and required hip replacement surgery.

Doe Individual v. Doe Corporation Settlement: $3 million

Industrial accident involving a brake failure on a loader causing orthopedic injuries to the victim.

Doe v Doe Crane: Settlement $2.4 million

Worker helping lower cement sewer cone when it broke loose causing a fractured pelvis.

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