Civil Rights Violations Case Results

Gousse v. Los Angeles Police Department Verdict: $33 million

Haitian immigrant surgeon visiting Los Angeles for medical conference became a victim of excessive force by Rampart police. During unfounded detention, doctor’s hand was bound so tightly that it caused severe nerve damage and he can no longer perform surgery.

Chao v. Ma Verdict: $3.1 million

Award against defendant who conspired in futile kidnapping and murder attempt of plaintiff.

Rastello v. Torrance Police Department Verdict: $6 million

Settled on appeal: $6.5 million plus attorney fee award of $2.1 million Wrongful death of a 19-year-old motorcyclist killed when a police sergeant, who had been drinking, turned left into the decedent. A violation of civil rights occurred in the attempted cover-up of the incident by the Torrance Police Department.

Miller v. Los Angeles Police Department settlement: $450,000

Police used excessive force and beat client with a flashlight eleven times after he surrendered.