3 School Zone Traffic Signs and What They Mean

A sign symbolizes a school crossing zone.

As any driver knows, there are many traffic signs to be aware of. Safe driving habits include staying up to date with traffic signs and their meanings. Areas where schools are located are filled with small children, requiring drivers to take extra care. This back-to-school season presents the perfect time to read up on school zone traffic signs and what they mean.

1. Five-Sided, Yellow School Zone Ahead Sign

This sign simply means that the driver will be entering a school zone up ahead and must observe the speed limit. As such, it implies that children may be crossing the street or playing and that a driver may need to obey signals from a crossing guard.

2. Fluorescent Yellow-Green School Bus Stop Ahead Sign

This sign is used to indicate that a school bus stop is coming up soon. A driver must pay extra attention to the road and slow down. They need to keep an eye out for any children and parents crossing the road.

3. School Speed Limit Sign

To ensure that drivers comply with school zone speed limits, schools will often have these speed limit signs installed so drivers know exactly how fast they should be going. Some schools go the extra mile and install flasher speed limit signs (as pictured above) that are only activated during school hours.

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