Street Racing, Intoxicated Driving Play Roles in Fatal Crash

A fatal accident in Los Angeles is being blamed on street racing and drunk driving after a 38-year-old drove down a street in the 80-90 mile per hour range. He plowed into another vehicle, killing the 62-year-old driver. The struck car then went careening into other vehicles, with the wreck ultimately involving seven vehicles in total. Several other people suffered injuries in the crash. Afterward, the police arrested the 38-year-old because a sobriety test found he was intoxicated.

The other driver allegedly involved in the street racing claimed that he was actually afraid of the 38-year-old and was simply trying to flee him. Whether that is proven true or not isn’t entirely relevant at this point.

What is relevant is that someone lost their life in this senseless motor vehicle accident and that many others were injured due to one person’s horrible decision and terrible behavior. Street racing is dangerous, illegal, and infuriating. Why would people decide to drive at such dangerous speeds in tight, congested areas? It is senseless and negligent, and those who are caught deserve to face the full brunt of the law.

Making this particular crash worse is that the 38-year-old compounded the reckless nature of his driving by being intoxicated during the street racing. This extreme negligence will likely lead to severe legal consequences for the individual.

Any victim that is injured in a reckless accident like this should consult with an attorney right away to ensure their case proceeds properly.

Source: The Drive, “Street Racing Eyed in Fatal Seven-Car Crash Outside Los Angeles,” Kyle Cheromcha, Sept. 22, 2017
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