Car Misses Bridge, Causes Fatal Wreck

A tragic car accident in Los Angeles, California claimed the lives of two people and left two others injured. The wreck is a bizarre one, as the source article says that the vehicle “missed a bridge” over the 101 freeway and then went flying over six lanes of traffic before landing in the southbound lanes and crashing with another car. The two people that were injured had to be transported to the hospital — one was in critical condition while the other was in serious condition. The extent of their injuries isn’t known.

The accident is currently under investigation by the police and few other details are being made available about this accident.

Will it be discovered that the driver was distracted in some way? Was the driver intoxicated? Could the driver have been asleep at the wheel or suffering a medical emergency? Is there some other explanation for this wreck that we aren’t aware of at the moment? Only time will tell, and the police report into the wreck will shed vital light on how and why this wreck occurred.

Remember that in the wake of an accident, the police report is one of your most important pieces of information if you are considering a lawsuit. That report will show who is at fault in the eyes of the police, and you could use that information to launch a civil lawsuit. Similarly, be aware that the police report can be changed after the fact if new evidence comes to fruition.

Source: Associated Press, “2 dead, 2 injured after car accident on Los Angeles freeway,”
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