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On Motorcycle Accidents and the Damage They Deal

There are tens of thousands of people in the city of Los Angeles that use a motorcycle to travel around the city, the state of California, and indeed the entire country. Just because they make this choice doesn’t mean they should be forgotten about out on the road. Drivers of other, larger vehicles need to be especially aware of motorcyclists. Otherwise terrible accidents could occur that may deal with serious brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, or even fatal injuries.

This is all important, but even more so in the wake of new information released by the Canadian Medical Association Journal, which found some disturbing numbers for motorcycle accidents when compared to other forms of motor vehicle accidents.

The study looked at injured people in hospitals in Ontario from 2007 to 2013 and found that motorcycle accidents were widely worse than car accidents in nearly every way. Per 100,000 registered vehicles, the study found that motorcycle accidents were more common, more injurious, more serious (in terms of the injuries), more deadly, and more financially costly than car accidents. It is hard to understate just how eye-opening this study is.

Motorcyclists occupy a difficult position out on the road. They are in an inherently vulnerable position, and they are also inherently more difficult to see. But these aren’t excuses. It is the responsibility of other drivers to look out for and identify motorcyclist so that devastating accidents don’t occur.

Source: Stat, “Motorcycle crashes are alarmingly common — and incredibly costly,” Megan Thielking, Nov. 20, 2017