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Could Cars Someday Predict a Driver’s Medical Emergency?


One of the most amazing things about how cars are developing and advancing is that these radical changes can go anywhere. Your imagination can run wild with the possibilities, but one interesting idea has emerged: the prospect that our cars will soon have the capability to check our vital signs and health, and use that information to prevent car accidents that are caused by medical emergencies.

Before we talk about that more in-depth though, did you know that about 20 percent of car accidents that are precipitated by a medical emergency is caused by diabetic attacks? You may think that the most common reason for these types of accidents would be heart attacks, but studies have shown that heart attacks only account for 11 percent of said accidents.

Now, back to the idea of cars that can read our vital signs. This would be a massive breakthrough. Not only could it give us a better understanding of our day-to-day health (all while driving a car, of all things) but the car could then react to our change in vitals and make a safe exit from the road, eliminating the possibility of a car crash. This is an exciting possibility.

Still, there are issues here. As with all things that involve programming, prediction, and self-driving technology, there is always the possibility of mistakes. The technology could fail, systems could collapse, and people could get hurt all because of a line of code or failure of a critical system.

Source: CNBC, “Soon your car will know when you are having a heart attack — and know how to react,” Joe D’Allegro, Nov. 17, 2017